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💃🏼 Bring a Touch of Ballroom Elegance to Your Home with Our Adorable Victorian Bunny Bunting 💃🏼


Add a whimsical charm to any space with this delightful Victorian Bunny Bunting! Featuring cute rabbits dressed in elegant Victorian attire, holding hands, and enjoying a dance together. This decoration is perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply adding a touch of joy to your home.


Each bunting set includes 12 pieces, each measuring approximately 17cm x 9cm. The included brad pins make it easy to hang the bunting anywhere you like, ensuring a secure and hassle-free display.


Crafted from high-quality thick card, this bunting is designed for indoor use only and should not be exposed to bad weather or damp conditions.


For safety, always hang the bunting well out of reach of children, pets, and heat sources. Please note that it contains small parts (the brad pins).


Enjoy a bit of ballroom fun and bring a smile to your space with our Victorian Bunny Bunting!

Victorian Bunny Bunting

    Untitled design (3).png
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