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"How Does Being Organized Improve Creativity?"

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I have been wanting to do a blog for a while to do a few things:

  1. To talk about my art and creativity.

  2. Show you behind the scenes in my studio

  3. Get to know me better

  4. Craft projects, tips and tricks

  5. Inspire and help you on your own journeys

Today I want to talk about my typical day to day – I feel like its a good place to start, for you to get to know me a bit more.

Day To Day Life

planning your daily routine

I have a very hectic schedule and sometimes it does overwhelm me. I have good days, bad days and days where I reconnect with nature to gather energy to bounce back again, which Ill talk about a bit more in a moment.

Every Sunday I write a to do list for the week ahead and plan each day as best as I can. I’ve learnt along the way that general life things will always come up that I don’t schedule in. For example a surprise guest, an urgent order or an unexpected visit to the vets! So I am never too hard on myself and give myself a realistic list of goals each week.

Here below is what I look at each week then work out a flexible schedule.

  • Paper Pawtraits – 35 hours a week Running your own business consists of many roles – Selling, marketing, finance, being the artist, customer care, researcher, blogging, packaging and quality control. I am always constantly learning and its helped me become super organised and I really enjoy the whole experience.

  • Part time Receptionist role –25 hours a week (Ah…yes I still have a normal day to day job just like a lot of upcoming artists to keep that money coming in to pay the bills just in-case I have a quite month with orders)

  • BA Hons Creative Arts Degree 15 hours a week – I have been studying towards this degree since 2014, I am currently on my final year so I should be finished by the end of 2022! Its been slow going as a home study but it has fitted around my life well. Its been a wonderful experience, I have really loved doing it. I have learnt so much and it has helped me improve and succeed. I have tried a lot of mediums from oil painting, children’s illustration, clay model making and more.

  • Other things to do each week – Time for myself, family, friends, looking after my rabbits and my home, shopping, cooking and sleeping!

As you can see I have a lot of things to fit in, so these lists on a Sunday are very important for me to follow, so I can enjoy all aspects but also have quality free time too. I plan out each day and select my top 5 things to complete each week. I also have a sub list which if I have free time, I try to fit these in.

Mornings – Getting Up And Meditating

meditation helps focus and productivity

I usually get up at around 8am and get ready for the day. I give my five rabbits their breakfast and lots of fuss. After that I then have my breakfast which usually consists of cereal, a coffee and two biscuits to dunk in.

My most important part of my morning is my meditation time. I’ve been meditating for over a year now and it has helped me so much! It centres me for the day and helps me think clearly and sooths me. I feel refreshed and eager for what the day gives me.

Depending on my mood or my schedule I usually meditate 15 to 30 mins each day. I find during my meditation, I join my creativity spark with nature which makes me feel harmonious and peaceful. Closing my eyes listing to my breath and visualising walking through a beautiful meadow on a sunny day. Walking past trees, plants, waterfalls and wild animals which surround me. Sometimes the wild animals come to me to greet me or I observe them and feel their spirits. I also visualise having wings and soaring in the sky above the meadow, feeling free – that is my sacred place. A place where I am content and it helps me feel energised, ready for my day.

Once I have done my meditation, I sit with my laptop, replying to emails, posting on social media and keeping my book keeping up-to-date. Depending on the time after this, I usually delve in to creating a portrait of someone’s beautiful pet, creating new ideas or get in to one of my degree assignments.

Afternoons – Part Time Job

Part time job to fill dream

In the week 9am to 3pm I work at a part time job as a receptionist. Its a good company to work for and they are supportive of want I do. I even got to do a wolf mural for their canteen area! 

Evenings – Productivity

Creativity is key! In the evenings I get home at 3.30pm, I give myself a hour break, then go to my art studio and this is my prime time to get some creative work done! I find I am more of a night owl and evenings are my best time to be productive. Depending on what I am doing most nights I can be working until 1am in the morning.

Other Things – Rabbit, House Chores and Time For Me

pet rabbits at home

I usually have one evening off in the week and 1 day off on the weekend. I use this time and wherever else I can fit it in to spend time with my four adorable pet rabbits, my husband, family and friends.  Organisation is key for me to follow my dream of becoming a full time artist but at the same time enjoying life!

My favourite things to do for myself are going out and taking my camera to capture some great shots, cycling, Playing my guitar, creativity, watching movies, play computer games and having a pamper day.


So that’s me and what I am usually getting up to. My aim in the next two years is to become a full time artist. I will have finished my degree by then, giving me more time free to put more focus on my own art and life in general.

I hope this has helped to show by giving yourself a weekly plan you can achieve your goals too whatever they are and still at the same time have fun!

For me Art is something I live for, its a part of who I am. I don’t see it as work, I see it as I’m free to express my love of nature, animals and myself. Being organised for creativity helps me be productive and working on things I love.

I hope you have enjoyed my first blog. Thanks for reading and Bye for now!


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