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🐰 I have carefully handmade these bunny rabbit wax melts with love and care. They have been tested for a good fragrance for your home. I have also added hand-painted gold trimmings for the ears and bunny rabbit tail. They are so cute and would make an awesome gift for someone special. 🐰


They are created using high-quality soy wax and fragrance oils with biodegradable glitter & ethically mined mica powder- cruelty-free and vegan friendly


This set of 5 wax melts come in a pretty woven gift bag as seen in photos.

Cured and ready to use – you may need to cut melt up to suit the size of your burner.


All approximate, times can change depending on the burner.


For use in wax & oil burners -(tea light and electrical ones)


To use the melts remove from the bag, pop one in your burner dish – light your tea light or switch on the electric melt warmer, wait for the heat to melt the wax and fill your home with chosen divine scent.


Safety first!

Always follow manufacturer instructions on your burner or electric melter, all wax melts are none edible Please Keep Away from Children and Pets, both when packaged and melting, hot wax can burn!

And most importantly … Enjoy and relax! Bunny Rabbit Soya Wax Melts In Gift Bag

Bunny Rabbit Soya Wax Melts In Gift Bag

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