Frequently asked questions

How do I take care of my Paper Pawtrait?

Once the Paper Pawtrait arrives to you, please unpackage it carefully. I use plenty of cardboard and bubble wrap to ensure it arrives safely to you in the frame. Please remove the masking tape from the glass. This is put here just in case the glass shatters during transit and prevents it falling on the surface of the Pawtrait and damaging it. If it leaves a slight residue, please remove very gently with a very slightly damp cloth. Please ensure it is only slightly damp to prevent any moisture entering the frame. The frame already comes with a hanger to hang it straight on to a wall. I use the highest quality paper and tools, but as with any fine work of art, it is advised not to place a Paper Pawtrait in direct sunlight. It is best to avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting: both are rich in ultraviolet light and will provoke fading. I know the above makes the pet portraits sound very delicate, but they are actually sturdier than they sound, as long as they are treated with care your Paper Pawtrait will outlive you! I hope you enjoy your Paper Pawtrait for many years to come as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please read more of my testimonials here.

How long does my pet portrait take?

Once ordered it can take me 2- 10 days to complete depending on the pet portrait, but this can be longer in busier periods such as Christmas. If you want a pet portrait for Christmas please order in plenty of time, I start getting enquiries for Christmas gifts in early September. If you have left it to the last minute to order your pet portrait, I will try my best to accommodate you, but if this is not possible I also sell gift vouchers which have proven to be very popular and can be a great alternative if you want your recipient to be involved in the process.

How do I order a paper Pawtrait and send photos of pet once ordered?

The first step is to decide what type of portrait you want, I have different types in my shop for all pets such as: full body portrait, head and shoulder portrait or a mixed family pet portrait. Within all these types of portraits, you can choose:

  • The number of pets it’s for.
  • Option to have their names in artwork.
  • Colour of frame.
  • Colour of background or a themed background (eg a field or a dog sitting on 1st place stand at a show)
Don’t worry if you are unsure at this point. I can always send you pictures of your Pawtrait on various colour background to see which you like best once I have created them. Once you have chosen your ideal Paper Pawtrait and ordered you can then email me photos of your pets at my email address or message me on my Facebook page here

What is your process to create the Pawtrait once you receive the photos?

Once I have received the photographs, I shall begin to work out all the paper shapes I need to cut out and form together to create your pet in my 3D style. When I have it all worked out, I start to add details with coloured pencils and pens. Midway through the process, I will send you some photos of your pet portrait being created which you can keep as each portrait is an original piece of art. When I have finished your pet portrait, I will send you some photos to see if you are happy with it before I stick it down on to the background. Once agreed your happy I then glue it all together and add on their names if you have requested them (Names are carefully cut out of paper and stuck on to the background). Once finished I sign and date it, put it in to its frame and stick a certificate of authenticity on the back with an option for you to put a special message there if it is a gift for someone special. I then take final professional photos and send them to you to confirm the finished Pawtrait. Once happy I then package it up and ship it out to you.

Will it look like my pet?

Yes I guarantee a likeness and will work with you to achieve that. Before I glue and stick your Pawtrait to the background, I will send you photos at which point any amendments can be made. I want to make sure your totally happy with it before I ship it out to you. My style using paper is a great medium to make corrections to I can take certain parts of the pet away to amend or change. Not that I need to very often. Most people are delighted with their portraits. Please see examples in my portfolio of pets photos next to their portraits.

Can you create any pet?

Yes, I can do a pet portrait of any animal you would like. I have done a Hedgehog, a group of beautiful parrots and a lizard amongst others. I welcome any unusual or exotic animal to create as I see it as a wonderful exciting challenge! Providing the photographs are of good enough quality any animal is a possibility. I can also create groups of pets, be it dogs, cats and horses or even a mix.

Do You Ship worldwide? and Deliver On Time?

Ship Worldwide Yes, I have sent my pet portraits all over the world, as far as Australia and America, don’t let distance stop you from ordering the wonderful gift. Please contact me for details and a quote for shipping your pet portrait. When ordering through my shop it is set up so it will give you the cost of shipping in the final order basket. Prices of shipping are always going up and down, so I do change this very often making sure you get the cheapest price at point of purchase for shipping. Deliver On Time I have never missed a deadline for a pet portrait that is needed for an occasion. What I cannot account for or be held responsible for is delivery problems due to adverse weather conditions or other things beyond my control. All my pet portraits are sent either via Parcelforce, UPS, Hermes, or special delivery to ensure speedy delivery and all Paper Pawtraits are sent with full insurance.

Can you a put in a specific background?

Most of my pet portraits come with a gradient colour background, but if you would like you dog or rabbit or any other pet put in a specific scene it’s not a problem at all! If you have a favourite place or just an idea, please let me know and we can work together to create your perfect pet portrait. I will always produce a mock-up of the background before I start creating it to make sure you are completely happy with the layout. You can visit my portfolio to see the different style backgrounds and options previous clients have chosen and it may give you some ideas for yourself.

What kind of photos do you need and any tips to take them?

To ensure I can achieve the best results for your pet portrait it is important that I can work from clear images which show the unique details of your particular pet such as the fur, eyes, markings etc. If possible it is always best to send three or four images pointing out which one is most true to their colour. If you wish to send me some new photographs and you are not experienced in capturing pets here are a few tips I hope you will find helpful:
Photographs taken outside without flash or by a large window are the best to avoid red eye.
Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will cast dark shadows on your pet and the photograph won’t reflect their true coat colour. Likewise avoid a really dull overcast day.
Ideally, take your photographs with your back to the sun.
Take your pets photograph at their level rather than looking down to avoid and distortion or an unnatural pose and make sure they are facing the camera if you want a head/head and shoulders pet portrait.
Try to get as close to your pet as possible whilst staying in focus as this will give the maximum amount of detail in the photo you are taking. If you require anymore help please contact me here.

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