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About me And My Paper Pawtrait creations!

Me Drawing a Peaky Blinders theme ho
Me Drawing a Peaky Blinders theme ho

 Hello and Welcome!


Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for comming to this part of my website and wanting to know more about me as and artist, a person and how it all began!

About Home Life

 I live with my husband Antonio who is very supportive with what I do. We moved in to our first new home in 2019 and also got married the same year! (And Wow What an incredible year it was!)

As well as living with my husband, I also live with two cheeky rabbits called Bugsy (The grey chunky chilled out one!) and Bandit (The black bunny - He is actually the boss  of our home). They make me laugh and smile everyday and are always there to talk too... even if they would rather just eag some veggies instead!

When we were moving to our new home the main thing I wanted was a creative space to work in! And Here it is...

I love my art room! Im like my grandad and his greenhouse... if you can't get hold of me, you know where I will be!

People who know me, well know that I cant sit still for long and I always have to be doing something creative. I've  just never stopped  - I find art is a great way to express myself and relax but most of all I love creating ideas and making people smile with my work.

As an artist and my background progression:

I took on a creative Arts Degree in my late 20s, I missed out when I was younger due to suffering from anxiety issues (I am in a much better place now thankfully!). Since I was a child I had always been drawing and creating but something happend whilst doing my degree I got chance to explore my ideas and my creative process. I discovered what genre of art I like doing but the most important thing of all is that I discovered paper!


What? you might say paper? but its been around for years? Haven't you been drawing on it ? ...


Well the answer to this is yes I know! but one day I was  in my living room (at my previous home) and I was reading some feedback from my tutor for a finished assignment I had sent him. He told me when creating drawings to be more creative and to think outside of the box. I felt a bit frustrated , as I felt the work I had sent him was top notch! I scrunched upthe feedback letter and it droped on the floor off the chair, I looked at it  and it was in that moment I discovered my long standing arty conpanion...Paper! I ran and grabbed some paper and started ripping and scrunching it up and putting it back togetiner but in a creative way....this  below was the outcome ...

I created a small rabbits head. its not much to look at but from this I discovered that I could make art in a creative way simply by using paper and putting it in to layers to build up an image.. Since then I have experimented and pushed my abilities with paper to learn new ways of using it and I still have a lot to learn!


Here below are just a few of my past experiments with paper :

Along the way I creativley  put my two favourite things together paper and my love of  all animals to create something magical that has changed my life and career!

Paper Pawtraits 

In September 2017  I  was creating a bird out of paper, I took a few photos an uploaded them to facebook. I was so shocked when I went on later that day, I  had over 800 likes on my post! I could not beleive it! I had also received a message of a lady who asked me if I could create her dog in the same style and so after talking to her I agreed a price and began creating it for her, From then I discovered my joy of creating pets out of paper, Once I finished her pet portrait she uploaded it to facebook and once again I was getting so much fantastic feedback. I then had a few more orders and before I knew it I was running a sucsessful business. I decided this was my path I wanted to go. What a great way to show my love of animals by creating peoples pets who they love so much too!

Since then my pet portrats have been making their way across the world and are now dotted everywhere! 








Paper Pawtraits have been in magazines, at Crufts, Twycross zoo,  shout outs from bloggers and youtubers and much more!

As well as pet portraits, I am always thinking of new ideas and so I have also been also creating animal paper stationery items, puppets, walll art and pet accesories which you can browse through in my shop.

Knowing that people trust me to create their pets, especially pets who have passed to remember them by, is such a heartwarming feeling. I'm so lucky to be doing a job which I dont see as a job because creativity is my go to for absolutely everything! 

My Pet Portrait Process

Paper for me has opened a door to a world of imagination that lets me use my creativity to its fullest to bring to the real world. Paper is an everyday item, yet I see its magic and possibilities. I love to manipulate it to create textures for things and objects. From curling, strips to make hair to scrunching it up to make a texture of the ocean. Also, my 3D paper Illustrations also create natural shadows which add depth to my work, making it look more dramatic.

A great perk when creating Paper Pawtraits is that I receive so many photos of such beautiful, cute and cheeky pets... I just want to cuddle them all!

To begin my process I start by looking at an animal, Working out their body shape. I then cut out carefully the different shapes I see . Once cut out I then look carefully at the photos and add details using paint, pens and colouring pencils. Once I am happy with what I have created I then stick all the layers together to form the pet.  This point is one of my favourite partsof my process because the pet instantly just pops out at me It is such a joy! It's like bringing the animal to life in front of me through using paper.

Getting feedback is very rewarding, Here is what some of my clients have said. 

Artists I admire.....


I have a few paper artists I absolutely adore, If you're also into paper art you may know of them or want to check them out. Their techniques are amazing!

  • Britany Lee

  • Sam Pierpoint

  • Zim and Zou

  • lLobulo

Well Thank you so mush again for reading about me and my work, I hope you enjoyed learning why and how I work.

All the best! Folow your dreams!

Gemma Lorente-Shore

Artist and Owner of Pawper Pawtraits

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Paper Pawtraits

Artist: Gemma Lorente-Shore


Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK

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