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Paper Pawtraits

Artist: Gemma Lees



Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Uk

©2018 by Paper Pet Pawtraits© Proudly created with Wix.com

 - Gemma Lees -

My Paper Pawtrait creations!



     I decided to create something which I am passionate about which is animals through my paper style, so I started making pets. I just didn't realise how much of a big hit they were going to be!


A great perk to my Paper Pawtraits is that I receive so many photos of such beautiful, cute and cheeky pets... I just want to munch them all!


It's a joy to create pets of all types. I start by looking at an animal, Working out the paper layers I need, adding details and then looking at my final paper artwork popping out and looking at me It is such a joy! It's like bringing the animal to life in front of me.


I started Paper Pawtraits in September 2017 and since then I have made so many pets and each one is different from the last, they are so much fun to create!


 My Paper Pawtraits have been in top pet magazines and also have been written and talked about by bloggers and YouTubers.

Getting feedback is very rewarding, Here is what some of my clients have said. Knowing my handmade items make people smile and give them some joy in their lives makes me want to work harder and make the best artwork that I possibly can.

Paper as a Medium and

other art I make


I am totally obsessed with paper! I absolutely love it! It has opened a door to a world of imagination that lets me use my creativity to bring to the real world. Paper is an everyday item, yet I see its magic and possibilities. I love to manipulate it to create textures for things and objects. From curling, strips to make hair to scrunching it up to make a texture of the ocean. Also, my 3D paper Illustrations also create natural shadows which add depth to my work, making it look more dramatic.









History and Personal Life 


Past and Present...


I have always been into art since a small girl and dreamt of becoming successful within the art industry. 


In 2012 I took on a Creative Arts Degree which helped me to experiment and find my own style.


In 2015 decided to leave my full-time office job to follow my dream of becoming an artist and showing my imaginations and ideas to the world!

Since then I have come such a long way and it was the best decision I ever made. With my passion and determination to follow my dream, I am now on the right path. I practice art every day and I am always experimenting with new things.


Artists I admire.....


I have a few paper artists I absolutely adore, If you're also into paper art you may know of them or want to check them out. Their techniques are amazing!



  • Britany Lee

  • Sam Pierpoint

  • Zim and Zou

  • lLobulo


Life at home...


I live with my partner Antonio and our two super cute rabbits Bandit and Bugsy. They also like to help me with my art by eating a lot of my papers hehe! (not my partner,  just the rabbits! haha).  I enjoy travelling, being around animals such as zoos and wildlife watching, going to the cinema, playing computer games (geeky wind-down time) and being around family and friends.

Thank you for all the support and reading about me and my work!

Gemma Lees